Day 1: Arrival in the morning in Busca and accommodation. Free tour of the city center. Busca is located on the banks of the Maira and is surrounded by hills. The historical centre develops on the main street, via Umberto I, which is partly porticoed. You have the opportunity to visit the many churches including the Church of the SS. Trinità, known as “La Rossa”. Inside it is guarded a shrine dedicated to the “Madonnina” which, according to popular tradition, freed the city from the plague in 1745. Not to be missed, besides the parish church, also the chapels of San Sebastiano and Santo Stefano with their magnificent frescoes.

Day 2: Morning dedicated visit of the chocolate-confectioner’s bean pastry of Busca. This company was born in 2011, but its origins are far more remote, since the tradition of the bean family in the field of pastry-confectionery goes back to the far 1893. They are the sixth generation, so in 2012 they received the recognition of “Historical enterprise of Italy” from the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo.
The owners of the chocolate shop offer old family recipes, including the inimitable Blue Kiss of Busca®, conceived in the ‘ 60 by Grandpa Piero Bean, who has always been a guide as well as a great master pastry chef.
They produce a wide range of innovative products related to the history of Busca and its origins. During the visit of the chocolate shop-pastry will be illustrated the rich history of the family and that of the company. It will be possible to make a course in the production laboratory to observe some machinery in operation and to learn curious news about the processing of chocolate. At the end of the course, after visiting the small museum set up inside the packaging department.
During the visit a chocolate tasting is provided.
In the afternoon visit of the castle of Roccolo. The castle was built starting from 1831 and represents an important expression of the neo-medieval revival in Piedmont. Silvio Pellico, British Prime ministers, King Umberto I and Queen Margaret were staying there. A harmonious set of floral decorations, Moorish arches, Ghibelline battlements, Rose-Windows, mullioned windows and mullioned windows-doors characterize the exterior of the building, while in the halls there are frescoes with landscape views and ceilings dominated by the technique of trompe The Oeil or white stucco decorations. In the park there is the monumental structure of the Serre, built between 1846 and 1850 and restored in 2003. The roof of the building is a large terrace where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama. The centuries-old park surrounding the castle was conceived according to the canons of the romantic garden and has niches with statues, caves, waterfalls, fountains, ponds and vantage points. Some interventions were carried out by the well-known landscape architect Xavier Kurten.

Day 3: Visit of the fantastic city of Saluzzo: A true jewel of the province of Cuneo. Saluzzo is a typical fourteenth-century Hill village: Small cobbled streets, churches and elegant noble palaces with their gardens, populate the old town.
The city of Saluzzo is thought to have existed since Roman times.
Ruled by fourteen Marquises, the Marquisate of Saluzzo reached its greatest fortune in the fifteenth century, under the governments of Ludwig I and Ludwig II.
In 1511 it became a sort of small capital of the territory. After a short period of decay, the city was annexed to the Duchy of Savoy (1601) and then to the Kingdom French during the Napoleonic period. With the Constitution of the Kingdom of Italy, it was named capital of the district and seat of Subprefecture.
The city is “guarded” by the stone King: the Monviso.
Return to Busca and departure.


Minimum 2 participants


  • Overnight in BB treatment;
  • Guided tour of Saluzzo;
  • Entrance and visit of the castle of Roccolo;
  • Guided tour of the Pastry Shop (available in September, October, January, February, March, May, June) in English


The price does not include:

  • Transfer
  • In the case of mini-groups the shuttle service from San Quintino to Castello del Roccolo;
  • Guided tour of the city of Busca.